Our Working Methodology

Our aim on all projects is to work collaboratively with the client and other designers from its inception to give full consideration to relevant options for achieving a truly sustainable building through its whole life cycle using an integrated design approach.

Initial Concept

Having considered the site specifics of size, shape, location, surrounding environmental influences and the proposed built form we then check if this can be improved to minimise energy demand and loads, keeping in the background the most appropriate distribution systems that could be employed to control internal space conditions. Using a mixture of experience, and intuition supported by computer modelling and our knowledge of M&E services costs we explore the options available with the team. Clear presentations of the resultant options are provided to inform all parties of the relative merits of each.

The available utilities infrastructure and technical constraints on utilising renewable technologies are (planning, sites of special scientific interest, listed building status, ambient noise levels) are also factored into the above outline scheme appraisal stage of the process.

Reality Check

The cost of implementation is then checked against budget and the availability of grants explored. Often this generates a further iteration of the process within new financial limits.

Low energy buildings often imply large plantroom buildings to accommodate the space needed for the low grade heat generators. This is generally the first aspect of the built form that is reviewed to ensure that the overall servicing strategy can be adopted.


Once the optimum solution is agreed the detailed design or performance targets are set and the practicalities of implementation are worked through.

Our holistic methodology provides the greatest opportunity to harness nature’s forces to contribute to environmentally friendly solutions for heating, cooling, ventilating and lighting buildings. Reducing loads and choosing appropriate renewable technologies and distribution systems optimises the occupant’s comfort and minimises the life cycle cost of the building services systems.

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